ShutterKits Offer Custom Made to Measure, Assembled, Easy to Install, Painted Timber Shutters and PVC Shutters for interior use only.

Our painted timber and PVC shutters arrive to you custom made to size & fully assembled. They come with the option of frames with the hinges and catches all included in the price.

The hinges will be pre-fitted onto the frames (if required) and all you have to do is pop the hinge pins in place. Or you can just hinge straight off your timber reveals.

The Painted Timber Shutters are made of Poplar and are painted in a satin 2Pak Polyurethane which provides a superior finish for a top quality product. Available in standard painted colours with custom colours also available. These shutters come with a 15yr structural guarantee and 5yrs on the paint finish.

The painted PVC shutters are co-extruded poly vinyl chloride with aluminium inserts to add strength and stability and are painted in Single Pak Nitrocellulose Paint. They come with a 10yr structural guarantee with 5yrs on the paint & components.


Colour options:

ShutterKits Painted Shutters come in 5 standard colours.
Dulux closest match to colour range:
Dulux White, Dulux Lexicon Qtr, Dulux Antique White, Dulux Whisper White & Dulux Pollinate Qtr.

ShutterKits can also arrange custom coloured timber shutters. Factory surcharges will apply.


Blade tilting options:

Centre Rotation or Offset to either side.

Clearview is also available for those that prefer the louvre look. Clearview opening shutters have a link bar that is attached at the rear of the shutter. There is no visible bar when open. Opening the shutter is by using the blade itself.

Blade size options

64mm Elliptical Blade
89mm Elliptical Blade
114mm Elliptical Blade


Framing options:

ShutterKits Painted Shutters come with easy to assemble frames to fit just about all situations.

Why frames? Frames can make the installation easier. Frames are particularly useful on bay windows, if your windows are well out of square or you need a face fitting installation.

ShutterKits Painted Shutters come with hardware already installed onto the frames and shutters. Often once you have the frame in place you have no more to do than drop the pins in to the hinges!
ShutterKits Painted Shutters come with the option of being hinged in a Z Frame. Used only when mounting inside a reveal.
ShutterKits Painted Shutters come with the option of being hinged in a L Frame. Used when mounting inside a reveal or mounting to the face.
ShutterKits Painted Shutters come with many framing options to suit just about every application. Contact us and we will advise you on the best application.

Standard Hardware Installation options:

ShutterKits Painted Shutters come with many installation options, such as non mortise hinged straight off your reveals, face fitted on to architraves using pivot hinges, installed in your reveals using reveal fitting pivot hinges or hang strips or simply held in place with timber beading to fill those holes in the walls or just simply held in place with magnets for a window that never opens. There is also a range of standard painted timbers to aid in the installation.

Contact ShutterKits with your measurements and let us help you get it sorted.


Sliding or folding on tracks option:

ShutterKits Painted shutters folding on tracks for when you want a completely unobstructed view or there is no other option. Often used on stacker doors or doors that have multiple panels sliding one way. Contact ShutterKits for further information.

ShutterKits Painted shutters sliding on tracks over sliding glass doors is usually the best way to cover your doors. Rule of thumb - copy the way your doors open. Eg. 2 doors open from the centre over 2 side fixed glass panels - do the same with the shutters. There are quite a few options with pelmets, light stop beads and side boards etc all included in the price.Contact ShutterKits for further information.

Delivery australia wide

Painted Shutters come fully assembled with easy to assemble frames with all hardware attached in excellent protective packaging.

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