L - Frame

External Aluminium Plantation Shutters are designed to allow for multiple application types. From the most popular application of "Fixing the shutters in place" with Channels and H section to multi-folding or sliding panels on tracks or to just hinge off your own reveals or with the optional L or Z frames. External Aluminium Shutters help achieve non-obstructed views while also providing privacy and assist you in optimising your living space. The outdoor Aluminium Plantation Shutters arrive fully assembled, custom made to size with the options of frames or channels as well as hinges and catches included in the price. 

Outdoor Aluminium Shutters while providing privacy firstly, they are a great addition to those areas where the sun streams through and gets a little warm. Simply titling the louvre blades will provide relief but not restrict air flow or when the weather is soggy, external shutters are great to close off completely to protect everything on the opposite side.
ShutterKits outdoor plantation shutters have comprehensive installation and care instructions to help with correct fitting and maintenance. Please scroll further for some great examples. If you're a little unsure of what outside shutters would be best for your situation a photo sent by email is always a great starting point.

You can section a room,

Enclosed Outside Patio Room
or make another room. 

Fantastic Exterior Aluminium Plantation Shutters


The quality construction of the External Aluminium Plantation Shutters should be part of your decision on choosing the right external aluminium shutters for your situation. The External Aluminium Shutters have a 1.4mm wall thickness (most are1.2mm) and have been tested to cover both AS2047:2014 and AS1562:1992.

The Powdercoated Aluminium Shutters come in 3 Blade Sizes: 64mm - 89mm - 114mm


The Aluminium Shutters come in 4 standard powder-coat colours

White - Pearl* - Silver - Black - Custom Dulux Powdercoat colours and Colorbond colours also available - Surcharges may apply.


External Aluminium Powder Coat Standard

*Pearl = Dulux Anotec Off White


Shutter Blade opening options

The Aluminium Shutters come with the Clearview Tilt Mechanism at the front or the back of the shutter. Placement of the bar is always on the hinged side or defaults to the left side of any fixed panels.

Please Note: The tilt Mechanism is also used to tension the blades so it is best to select Clearview on the front of the shutter when the back is inaccessible.

Clearview Bar On Ali


L or Z Frame for all your Hinging Options

Hinged In l Frame With Centre Opening Panels

L Frame is used when Face Mounting or Inside a Reveal. 

L - Frame

Z Frame is used only Inside a Reveal

Aluminium Z Frame Options


U Channels and H Sections to "Fix" the Shutters in Place 

Fixed In Place Shutters

Aluminium U Channels


Aluminium H Channels


Aluminium Shutters Folding on Tracks

Folding Aluminium Shutters Above Handrail

Multi-Fold Shutters used to fold shutters away from the opening for an unobstucted view.

To enclose an area but still have the ability to then open it up to walk through as well as on lovely evenings and party times to increase your space. 

Folding Shutters Enclosing Patio


Aluminium Shutters Sliding on Tracks

Sliding Shutters used most commonly as a sliding door opening to enter enclosures. Least used of all External Aluminium Shutter Installations.

Optional extras:

Outside Aluminium Shutters come with optional extras such as security bolts, flush bolts, handles, flyscreens, Alloy End Caps, Blade locks...........