Painted Timber Plantation Shutters will take your home to a whole new level of style and elegance, transforming the way you live. The Painted Timber Shutters will help provide the right mix of light, airflow and temperature control. This also means you can place less panels in a window and maximise both light and view. The Painted Timber Shutters is the premium product of our range and offer every customised option available such as Angle Topped Shutters, Cut-outs for French door handles, Circle Shutters - in Frames! as well as security locks and flyscreens etc....

The Painted Timber Shutters are made of Poplar and are painted in a satin 2Pak Polyurethane which provides a superior finish for a top quality product. Available in standard painted colours with custom colours also available. These shutters come with a 25yr structural guarantee and 5yrs on the paint finish. 

The Painted Timber Shutters are internal shutters custom made to size and come fully assembled with the options of frames and the hinges and catches are included in the price. The hinges will be pre-fitted onto the frames and all you will have to do is pop the hinge pins in place. Or of course you can just hinge straight off your timber reveals as many like to do.

Painted Timber Shutter Blade Options


Painted Timber Blade Options


Rear Facing Tilt Rod - "Clearview"

Clearview Tilting Option

Clearview Tilt Bar is the best option for an uninterupted view - hence the name - a clearview. The default position is the rear of the panel on the hinged side.


Front Facing Tilt Rods

Traditional Centre Tilt

Traditional Centre Tilt Rod

Traditional Offset 40 Tilt Rod

Traditional Offset 40 Tilt Rod

An alternative to the Centre Tilt Rod that minimises view interuption. Default position is front of the panel, 40mm in from the edge of the blade on the hinged side.

Euro 180 Tilt Rod

Euro Tilt Shutter Option

Provides 180 degrees of rotation with either Front and Rear Tilt Rod Options - conditions apply.




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