Do - It -Yourself ShutterKitsFIXED BLADE SHUTTERS
are so easy to assemble they require only a minimum of tools

It is recommended that the Shutter kits be assembled on a clean work table. The following basic tools are required for assembly:

  1. Cordless Screwdriver and #2 Phillips head bit
  2. Good quality wood working PVA Glue

Download detailed instructions


Step 1 – Select the stiles for assembly. Stiles are marked with an 'A' or 'B'.'A' & 'B' marked stiles are opposites and make a pair. The marking in the rail rebate indicates the top of the shutter. IMPORTANT: The markings must be at the same end.

Fixed Blade Shutter Rail Assembly

PVA Feel

Step 2 - Ensure the rails are fitted in the correct positions, top and bottom, and with the top rail scoop up and the bottom rail scoop down. Apply glue to each rail tenon and push each into the stile channel. Fit the midrail if the shutter has one. Check that rails are flush with the stile ends.

At this point we recommend that you dry fit the 2nd stile. Only screw in far enough so you can use the holes made with the screw as locating holes later when glue applied. Remove the stile before inserting the blades.

Insert the blades

Step 3 – Insert the blades starting from one end.

Fit the remaining stile.


Step 4 – Fit the other stile; Apply a bead of glue to the stile mortises at each end of the stile as well as the midrail mortise if it has one. Start by fitting the rail tenon into the stile mortise and then screw the stile (by locating the screws into the holes when you did the dry fit) to within a couple of millimetres from the blades.

Step 5 – Once you have the stile in position gently manoeuvre the blades into the start of the blade slots of the second stile. Sometimes it is easier if you overhang the shutter over the edge of the bench so that you can get to both sides of the blade. Once all blades are sitting in their slots – have another look at them before screwing home the 2nd stile.

Step 6 – Make sure stile ends are flush with rails then continue driving the screws through the stiles to secure the rails with a nice tight join so the glue can achieve it's maximum adhesion. Note: Tolerances are about 0.5mm for the blades into the slots and sometimes if there are a lot of blades you made need to encourage them home with a mallet or hammer. CHECK FIRST THAT A BLADE IS NOT OUT OF ITS SLOT. Use a waste piece of timber on the stile to protect it and place the shutter on its edge and tap gently in places to help send the blades into the home position in their stile slot.

Screw Hole Plug Breakout Photo

Step 7 – Break out screw hole plugs and fit into screw holes and tap flush with stile surface.

The shutter is now fully assembled.

All Shutter kits are supplied with full assembly instructions.

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