Tuesday, January 7, 2020

ShutterKits painted timber shutters are made of a hardwood timber called Poplar. It's been specially engineered and kiln dried to match Australian conditions.

Engineered Timber?
Engineered timber is created by placing strips of timber on top of each other with the wood grain running in opposite directions, which are then glued together. With high heat and high pressure they are pressed together to form the timber that makes shutter components. 

What are the Benefits of Engineered Timber?
Engineered timber provides stability to the shutter panel. As the timber expands and contracts, the opposing wood grain stabilises to help prevent warping thus providing a very strong frame much like the stability that our Western Red Cedar shutters also offer.

The material that is used in ShutterKits Painted Timber Shutters is an engineered poplar timber that is sourced from sustainable forests and by using pieces of timber that would normally be discarded, this helps to eliminate waste while not compromising on the highest of quality.

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