Friday, May 7, 2021

When it comes to measuring up your DIY shutters, here are a few tips to ensure accurate ordering and to make sure the installation process is as easy as possible.
You will need a good quality steel metric tape measure / laser measurer, pen and paper.
Please always supply your measurements in millimetres, width x height.
For reveal fit shutters:
Measure the depth of your window reveal (the window sill) firstly to ensure the shutters you have in mind will be operational once installed. Making a note of any protrusions such as window latches or locks that may interfere with the louvre blades rotation and if there is enough reveal depth to cater for a frame if required (available on our imported range of shutters). Frames are optional and if your window is out of square, they will help hide any discrepancy. The reveal depth will also dictate the louvre blade size that will work best and if reveal fitting is appropriate.
Always take 3:
When measuring window reveal widths, please note the measurements across at the top, middle & bottom of your reveal. If the widths vary just that little bit we need the smallest of all these. E.g. if the top reveal width measurement = 501mm, middle measurement = 500mm, bottom measurement = 499mm. We need the 499mm width measurement. If the shutter is made to the larger measurement the shutter won't fit when it comes time to install – it'll be too big overall.
The same rule of thumb applies for the height measurements. Take one height measurement on the left side, the middle and the right side of the window reveal and supply the smallest of all these measurements.
If you shutter requires a divider/ mid rail please measure from the bottom of your reveal up to the appropriate height you require.
So everything runs as smoothly as possible, please remember to double check your quotation to ensure all measurements and requirements have been transposed correctly.
We are only a phone call or email away. So if you have any worries we're more than happy to talk it through. Photo's of the area you wish to install shutters – inside shutters or outside shutters 'speak a thousand words' then we can see what you see especially if there is something a bit tricky.