Thursday, October 20, 2022

L Frame vs Z frame or hinged into the reveal you already have - choosing what's best for your DIY shutter installation.
Once the decision is made for blade/louvre size, the colour and how you want your shutters to function, there is also the choice of installation method.
Fitting frames are a great way to install your shutters into your window reveal or if you have no window reveal depth.
L frames can fit into the reveal you already have and sit flush with your architraves (the moulding around a doorway or window). They can also be face fitted to form a "box" on the front of your window to accommodate the shutters when there is no reveal depth at all.
Z frame works a treat for windows that have no architraves as such that are square set and they help create architraves.
Both frame types are a great way to hide any discrepancy in your window if it's slightly out of square. (please note: frames aren't available for our cedar kit shutters)
Prefer not to have a frame – no problem. Simply hinging your shutters into the reveal you already have is also a great choice.
Still have a question or two? No worries, we're happy to help, please contact us.