Thursday, November 14, 2019

Choosing a window covering for your home may seem like a bit of a task. There are so many aspects to consider, such as privacy and cost. Below are some of the reasons why timber shutters may be worth considering for your home. In comparison to traditional curtains, Timber Shutters are easy to maintain and clean, whereas traditional curtains will fade, stain and cleaning can be a burden.

They Increase Property Value
Timber shutters have been used inside and outside houses all over the world. For good reason too; they are beautiful to look at and work very well with a range of interior styles. Installing timber shutters in your home will help create a timeless look with easy functionality and it will also help increase your property value as well. While some window coverings are often removable and may be taken away when the owners move out, timber shutters remain, increasing the property value and providing the new owners with instant window coverings.

They Are Easy To Maintain
If you have ever had to go through the rigmarole of taking heavy curtains down, finding a place that cleans them or even trying to cram them into your own washing machine, hanging them out to dry and then rehanging them – hopefully without creases, you know what a pain it is. Timber shutters are easy to clean and maintain. They require a simple wipe down with a cloth to keep them looking good and fresh.

They Work...Really Well
There is a reason that timber plantation shutters are favoured in new housing or renovating projects. They keep out the heat to help your home stay cool in summer. In winter, they provide a barrier against the outside cold that helps to maintain the warmth inside your house. They are also perfect for privacy, as they can be closed from the inside, creating a safe and private space with ease in your home.

They Are Beautiful
Humans have long loved the beauty of timber. We use it everywhere from our furniture to our walls to even our cars. Timber shutters bring the classical elegance into your home, in a way that is practical and easy to preserve.
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