Grows mainly in the mature forests of British Columbia and on Vancouver Island some is also grown in UK.

Vancouver Island

Benefits and features.

western Red cedar wood
  • Dimensional stability.
  • Natural durability.
  • Free of pitch and resin.
  • Straight grain & uniform texture.
  • Acoustical & Insulation properties.    
  • Good Fastening.
  • Dries readily with little degrade.
  • Light weight.


Western red cedar

  • Western Red Cedar grows to heights of 45 to 60m but more massive individuals are also common. 
  • Cedar varies widely in colour from dark brown of the heartwood through lighter browns and pinks to light straw and almost white outer bands of sapwood.  
  • Unusual colour variations called Resin Streak are narrow bands of very dark wood caused by injury to the tree.
  • Scientists have related Cedars colour variations to decay resistance. 
  • Dark coloured inner heartwood inhabited by fungi.  
  • Straw coloured outer heartwood virtually sterile.  
  • Dark coloured heartwood has lower density, toughness, and compression than light coloured heartwood.

What is it used for:

western Red cedar

External Claddings, Internal Paneling, Decking, Shutter & Blind Components, Window & Door Joinery, Outdoor Furniture, Saunas & Spa's, Shingles & Shakes etc...


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