ShutterKits popular installation options

These are some of the most popular installation options. If you don't see how you envision your shutters to work please don't hesitate in contacting us and we will work it out with you. 

Bi-folding Shutters

Hinged Bi-Folds

Bi-folding shutters are hinged together to allow the shutters to fold together. Bi-folding applications can be used for both hinged bi-folding or sliding bi-fold on tracks.

Fixed In Place Shutters

Shutter Door

 Fixed in place shutters are ideally suited as room dividers or 'hole in the wall' situations when there is no benefit for the shutters to open. The shutters are fixed in place using cedar beading. This allows the blades to open & close and looks nice from both sides. The other option of fixing the shutters in place is using Magnetic Catches on each corner of the shutter. This style of installation is often used on fixed windowpanes.

Hinged Shutters

Sitting Area

Hinged shutters are the most popular form of shutters. They may be used as window coverings or be used for doorways.There are a few options available for hinging. It is also possible to bi-fold a hinged panel. This is done by hinging 2 panels together.

Sliding Shutters

Shutter Door

Mimicking the door layout provides less intrusion into the room. All parts of the pelmet is made with cedar - no MDF is used. Sliding shutters with matching pelmet hide the tracks and gives a smooth finished look.  

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