ShutterKits can supply just about all your hardware needs so that your installation is as professional as the professionals.  ShutterKits offer full installation advice to make your job as easy as possible. 

Stainless Steel Non Mortising Hinge
Stainless Steel Non Mortising Hinge - High quality and easy to adjust and install hinge that will not discolour or rust. As an added benefit this hinge has a removable pin. Stainless steel screws also supplied.
Stainless Steel Pivot Hinges
Stainless Steel Pivot Hinges - The main use of these hinges are for installing the shutters onto the face of a window.
Button Magnetic Catch
 Button Magnetic Catches- A wonderfully strong little magnet that has a variety of uses. This magnetic catch can be used for face installations or recess installations in conjunction with the "L" plates.
Striker Plates
Striker Plates - Available in White & Brown, used in conjuction with the Button Magnetic Catch for a variety of uses. Smaller washer style the same diameter as the above Button Magnet also available for face fitting installations.
Tracks and Components
Tracks and Components - ShutterKits will supply Centor tracking and components that are ideally suited for large openings. Sliding Tracking Systems are installed inside a pelmet to hide the tracks and components. Bi-fold Tracking Systems are supplied with timber facias to cover the tracks. All Timber extras will be supplied in Canadian Western Red Cedar.


95% of installations use only the above hardware.

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