"Cedar Shutters will continue to set the benchmark against which all others are judged."

Proudly Australian Made & Owned.
ShutterKits many design features include:

Pivots are Machined on the end of the blades - No plastic parts to break down in the sun - No Blade splits - Smooth machined ends with no chipout from saw cuts. The choice of 2 Blade Sizes which are 90mm and 68mm Elliptical Style. See here how we do this!


 Stile & Rail Joints are Mortise & Tenon.- Stronger than dowells - Widths are able to span further without the shutter "Dropping" out of square.

 Stainless Steel pre-stapled blades are linked with a quick-fit alloy strip that is pressed into the Cedar Rotation Bar that can be fitted on the centre or on the side against the stile.


Shutter Blade Tilt Options

Centre Rotation or Offset Rotation is a Tilt rod that is attached to the pre-stapled blade to open and close the shutter. All Tilt Rod shutters have ShutterKits unique Tensioning System to control the tension of the Blade Rotation.


Clearview is also available for those that prefer the louvre look. Clearview opening shutters have a link bar that is attached at the rear of the shutter. There is no visible bar when open. Opening the shutter is by opening 1 blade which in turn opens all the others.



 All components are supplied machined to size and pre-sanded, ready to oil, lacquer or paint yourself.


The ShutterKits design is unique allowing the average handyperson to produce a shutter which rivals the best on the market.


A simple, adjustable blade tensioning mechanism is used to give smooth operation of the blades.


ShutterKits will manufacture your Kits and then send them to you in a flat pack. (The carton is usually the length of the stiles x 2 ShutterKits.)


Assembly of a ShutterKit requires only basic tools and can be completed in an average of 10 to 15 minutes per shutter.

Go to assembly video.


ShutterKits are able to supply all hardware and accessories giving you complete ready-to-finish and assemble, highest quality cedar shutters for your home.


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