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Cedar Movable Blade Plantation Shutters

"Cedar Shutters will continue to set the benchmark against which all others are judged."
Proudly Australian Made & Owned.
ShutterKits many design features include:

How to Measure Cedar Shutters

Fitting shutters to an opening is an exacting procedure, and to ensure proper fitting, exact measurements must be obtained. A good quality steel tape measure would be a minimum requirement.

Shutter Hardware

ShutterKits can supply just about all your hardware needs so that your installation is as professional as the professionals.  ShutterKits offer full installation advice to make your job as easy as possible.

How to Assemble Cedar Shutter Kits


Cedar Shutter Kits are so easy to assemble they require only a minimum of toolsIt is recommended that the Shutter kit be assembled on a clean work table and the following basic tools are required for assembly:

Cedar Kit Shutter Installation Options

These are some of the most popular installation options. If you don't see how you envision your shutters to work please don't hesitate in contacting us and we will work it out with you. Just remember there is no such thing as Sky Hooks and Tartan Paint.


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