Custom Made to Measure, Fully Assembled,
Ready to Install Aluminium Shutters for Exterior use...

The Aluminium Shutters arrive custom made to size and come with the options of frames. Hinges and catches are all included in the price. The hinges will be pre-fitted onto the frames (if required) and all you have to do is pop the hinge pins in place. Or you can just hinge straight of your reveals. 

The Powdercoated Aluminium Shutters come in 3 Blade Sizes.
                 64mm      -     89mm     -      114mm


Shutter blade opening options:

The Aluminium Shutters come with the Clearview Tilt Mechanism at the front or the back of the shutter. Placement of the bar is always on the hinged side or defaults to the left side of any fixed panels.

Please Note: The tilt Mechanism is also used to tension the blades so it is best to select Clearview on the front of the shutter when the back is inaccessible.


Colour options:

The Aluminium Shutters come in 4 standard colours.
White     -     Pearl     -     Silver     -     Black.

The Aluminium Shutters come in 4 standard wraps. POA.
Golden Oak     -     Light Cedar     -     Limewash     -     Walnut.


Frame options:

Z Frame. Used only when hinged inside a reveal.
L Frame. Used only when Face Mounting or inside a reveal.
T Frame to be used in conjunction with L and Z frames. (See example).
Various frame profiles to "fix" the shutters in place.

Tracking options:

Multi-Fold Shutters used to fold shutters away from the opening for an unobstucted view.

Sliding Shutters used most commonly as a sliding door opening to enter enclosures.


Optional extras:

Aluminium shutters come with optional extras such as security bolts, flush bolts, handles, flyscreens, metal blade pins...................


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